From the life of a latex diva Part III

2021-05-26AVA 49:42 minutesFetish, Latex, Mask Fetish
From the life of a latex diva Part III 1
From the life of a latex diva Part III 2

The catsuit is shiny, the horned mask is impressive and the expression on the dark mistress's face is gloomy. Will you torture your servant M., how long will he suffer? What is he prepared to endure for you?

This is the climax of the film series "From the Life of a Latex Diva".
This part is dubbed in English by the main actress Ava.

The whip cracks on the ass of servant M. Will he flinch?

Ice cold soul, merciless and always masked in full latex - The Dark Diva.
"From the life of a latex Diva Part III".

The black diva in latex and your M. Your body servant 24 hours 7 days in latex at your side.

At the end of the film:
M. has his torture behind him. He may now rest in the cage and wait until the mistress uses him again.


Cast Ava and M.

Film /Photos Chris W. Braunschweiger

Music Ian Christ

Editing Ava Fetish Art

Filming location Im Gutshof in Nordhausen
"Bizarre Dream Worlds"


Ruler of the underworld - Die Herrscherin der Unterwelt 0
Ruler of the underworld - Die Herrscherin der Unterwelt 1
Ruler of the underworld - Die Herrscherin der Unterwelt 2

A rustic industrial area - a dark cellar - The ruler of the underworld plays her game of pleasure with her prisoners in latex.

This time Ava is the ruler of the underworld. In her unmistakable full latex outfit in black - shiny and heavy rubber - style to see. The black and white horns mask over the artfully designed latex - foam mask by "mpicsmedia", the tightly laced corsage, the short bullwhip (the underwear warmer), the thigh long and high patent boots ... She swings and gyrates her hips, lascivious and eager. The victims are drained of the last energy of life. The excitement of the victim presented on the altar inflamed comes to climax, under the heavy latex bag and many layers of latex underneath...

The dark ruler - the only one in the darkness,

writhes excitingly on the altar...takes the victim's breath away, while a fallen angel (aka Rubberangel),

as a beautiful latex statue represents the background.


This is the opening film to a continuously planned series: "The ruler of the underworld - play scenes".

Video filmed by: Chris W. Braunschweiger

Music: Ian Christ (YouToube)

Cast: Ava, Rubberangel, M.

Editing: Ava Fetish Art

Voice: Ava  - Voice in German - it accompanies you through the film


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